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Nystalux 350.jpg
Publisher Group One
Version Classic Traveller
Author Bill Bledsaw
Format Paperback
Canonical No
Year Published 1981
Pages 12

Nystalux (Book) Synopsis[edit]

A description of the planet of Nystalux, including the strange insectoid race of the Sedas.

The world of Nystalux is inhabited by an intelligent hive-dwelling race called the Sedas.

Nystalux is the fourth in a series of adventures to alien worlds, approved for use with Traveller. It was designed as an adventure for characters as a part of a larger campaign or an evening’s entertainment. Nystalux uses Basic Traveller with references to Mercenary and High Guard.

12 pages, plus a color world map.

Nystalux (Book) Credits[edit]

Author: Bill Bledsaw.

Nystalux (Book) Table of Contents[edit]