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Noncombatant smallcraft represent the smaller, naval, support craft used in noncombatant roles. Although some may have weapons, they are not normally utilized in those roles.

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Ship Doctrine (Operations)[edit]

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History and background[edit]

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Ship Classes[edit]

Types of Non-combat smallcraft:

Noncombatant Smallcraft Classes
Class Remarks
Courier Military couriers' mission is the transportation of messages and small, high priority cargoes and passengers. Many fleets have such vessels to reduce dependence on the X-Boat system and to assure that military information makes its way to its destination in the most expeditious manner. They are often used in hostile border areas, so they can alert the local fleets helping them respond quickly to enemy incursions.
Gig Gigs are small vessels, primarily used by ship captains for transportation between vessels and bases. They have a limited capacity, and are seldom armed.
Scout Ship There are two main type of military scouts, those on loan from the IISS and specialty built armored scouts. This later model is primary used where it is believed that the environment is much more hostile. These armored scouts are usually larger then the IISS scouts, as well as having larger crews, and heavier weapons. Although armed their goals is to get information and not to fight.
Sensor platform Military sensor platforms may be manned, but the majority are unmanned. They have limited mobility with most having only station keeping thrusters. They are heavily equipped with sensor arrays and communication gear. The majority of their sensors tend to be passive, and they are often stealthed or have very small detection parameters. Their main focus is on the collection of military intelligence usually dealing with ships.
Shuttle What the gig is to the captain, the shuttle is to the rest of the ship's crew. Shuttles range in size from very small for smaller vessels to vessels capable of transporting hundreds for vessels with very large crews. The are usually streamlined for in atmosphere operations, and may have light armaments. This is particularly true for ships operating in border areas, where they might fill a due role as an ad hoc assault transport.

Representative Classes[edit]

64 Representative Smallcraft (S) Classes

Class Origin Hull designation Technology level Tonnage Jump Drive
Class Origin Hull designation Technology level Tonnage Jump Drive
Afterthought class Scout Third Imperium SC 15 100 4
Arden class System Defense Boat Federation of Arden SDB 8 2,900 0
Asia class Scout Daprolix Juncture of Suns SC 11 300 2
Barnett class Fleet Courier Solomani SK 14 200 3
Brilliant class Scout Enlightened SSR 11 200 2
Bubble class Fuel Cutter Third Imperium SF 14 60 0
C-7 class Scout Chanestin Kingdom SS 11 100 2
Caliphate class Scout Caliphate of Estalia SK 10 400 1
Chatl class Leader Scout Zhodani SL 14 150 5
Chercheur class Fleet Dispatch Courier Strend Cluster SSR 14 500 5
Collective class Scout Yimin Jiti SC 11 100 2
Dewclaw class Fleet Scout Third Imperium SC 13 100 4
Dragon class System Defense Boat Third Imperium SDB 400
Duke class Fleet Scout Grand Duchy of Kalradin SSR 11 700 2
Dunkle class Fleet Scout Mapepire Cluster SS 12 420 3
Elbing class Scout Langemarck Coalition SA 10 200 1
Fairmile Model G class Scout Principality of Caledon SS 12 200 2
Fringian Commercial Courier Distant Fringe SC 11 100 2
Hraye class Scout Aslan SC 14 100 2
Hunter class Armored Scout Solomani SS 14 100 3
Imperial Intruder class Scout Third Imperium SI 15 100 4
Inquiring Mind class Fleet Scout Federation of Alsas SA 12 900 3
K1074 class Heavy System Defense Boat Principality of Caledon SD 12 1,200 0
Kach'k class Scout Sath Alliance SC 11 200 2
Last Armada class Scout Last Armada SC 11 200 2
Last Line class Fleet Courier The Last Line SK 11 100 2
Legion class Picket Boat Zydarian Codominium SC 10 200 1
Magash class Heavy Scout Third Imperium SC 15 300 5
Marathon class Fleet Courier Solomani SK 14 200 3
Mercury class Long Range Fleet Courier Third Imperium SK 15 400 6
Midlothian A5 class Dispatch Principality of Caledon SL 12 200 3
Militia class Military Scout Vegan Polity SA 14 600 5
Nexus Hive class Scout Distant Fringe SC 12 100 2
Ninz class Scout Zhodani SL 14 100 2
Olyora class Medevac Pinnace Aslan Hierate SIM 14 60 0
Orowani Deep class Space Courier Distant Fringe SC 11 100 2
Pallad class Asteroid Scout Third Imperium SC 15 200 3
Pathfinder class Fleet Scout Third Imperium SL 15 100 4
Pathway class Scout Firstworlds SC 10 100 1
Prata class Attack Scout Taakas Yh'Drak SS 15 100 1
Protective class Scout The Protectorate SK 12 200 3
Rapid class Fleet Courier Darrian Confederation SK 15 500 6
Royal class Dispatch Vessel Grand Duchy of Marlheim SL 10 100 1
Scybria class Scout High Senate SC 11 100 2
Silver Spur class Scout Council of the Wise SS 11 200 2
SLC2 Ahouhi class Scout Isaiat Dominate SS 13 100 4
Starsream Model 226 class Courier Principality of Caledon SK 13 200 2
Stayaow class Combat Scout Aslan SSR 14 200 2
Stenka class Security Vessel Grand Duchy of Marlheim SC 11 400 2
Sulieman class Scout/Courier Third Imperium SC 15 100 2
Swift class Fleet Courier Third Imperium SK 15 400 6
Swift Missive class Courier Third Imperium SK 15 400 6
Switch Black class Intruder Protectorate of Leset SC 12 100 2
Talon class Scout Tellerian Cluster SK 10 100 1
Tripwire class Early Warning Scout Rimward Federation SC 10 200 1
Type SB class System Defense Boat Third Imperium SDB
Unity class Scout Unity of Sed SC 12 100 2
Vanguard class Attack Scout Geonee Confederation SS 12 100 2
Wasp class Fleet Scout Malorn Union SC 14 600 4
Wiesbaden class Military Scout Langemarck Coalition SA 14 300 5
Wrathful class War Scout Old Worlds Navy SC 12 100 1
Yaeai class Recon Pinnace Aslan Hierate SI 14 60 0
Yono class Scout Worlds of The Leader SC 11 110 2
Zydmnar class Scout Zydarian Codominium SC 9 100 1

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