Non-Commercial Vessels

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This category of vessels include civilian non-commercial starships and spacecraft above 100 tons.


This starship category includes vessels whose primary purpose is non-commercial, usually for a local government service or in the service of an empire (i.e. They do not generate revenue from operation). These include civilian law enforcement (paramilitary), customs vessels, and non-military support vessels. Most, but not all, non-commercial vessels have jump capability. Corsairs (pirates) are an exception to the rule since they are clearly commercial in nature, but are not legal or sanctioned, in most cases. Sanctioned corsairs are usually called privateers.

Representative Types[edit]

12 Representative Non-commercial (H) Classes
Class Origin Hull designation Technology level Tonnage Jump Drive
C-Jammer Class Third Imperium HS 10 0
Flyer Class Darrian HG 13 100 3
Ihatei Class Aslan HS 13 50,000 3
Jump Conveyor Class Third Imperium HS 1,000,000
Kaga Class Mnemosyne Principality HC 10 200 0
Katanga Remora Class Katanga Empire HP 12 2,000 3
Kforuzeng Class Scout Vargr HG 13 100 4
Ktiyhui Aslan HK 14 200 3
Oversight Class Police Cruiser Geonee Confederation HP 12 700 4
Swift Reaper Class Fighter Third Imperium HF 11 39 0
VCS 891 Class Viyard Concourse HM 10 100 1
Zhodani council cruiser Zhodani HG 14 2,000 4

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