Nobles of Dirli

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The Nobles of Dirli are a distinguished group.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Imperial Nobility of this world includes all nobles granted titles associated with the world by either the Emperor of the Third Imperium or the Archduke of the Domain. Landed Imperial Nobles are those Imperial Nobles who have been granted direct representative authority over the world in the Imperial Moot, and who administer Imperial interests associated with this world. The positions these nobles hold are typically noted in the Nobility Extension data of most Imperial world data-files provided by the Imperial Grand Survey of the IISS. Landed Nobles are always uniquely styled as the "TITLE" of "WORLDNAME". Ceremonial Imperial Nobles include those Imperial Nobles who have been appointed to a specific Imperial Office or who perform a specific Imperial function, and who happen to have their associated Imperial Land Grants and a principal place of residence on the world. Imperial Honour Nobles are those nobles who do not have a specific governmental function associated with the particular title, but have been granted the title as a reward for achievement or service, or in some cases are Legacy Nobles whose family have held titles of administration in the past but currently have no specific governmental office, retaining only their lands and title.

Planetary and Local Nobility include individuals who hold a title of aristocracy within the local planetary culture of the world, but in some cases also include Imperial Nobles who do not hold a title associated with the world, but who nevertheless hold some property on the world. Titles, forms, and styles of Local Nobility can be quite diverse.

Imperial Nobles of Dirli[edit]


Landed Baronet:
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Ceremonial & Honour Nobles :
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Landed Knight:
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Ceremonial & Honour Knights:
Rhovanion family - (Non-Canon)
  • Knight Bachelor (Hereditary): Thane Sir Willeim Rhoderick Ilthirin Rhovanion - {1st Lord Rhuthven Glen - Rhimono /Dirli} (ca 584+) - (Non-Canon)
  • Knight Bachelor (Hereditary): Lord Sir Elruinn Alaric Anthony Rhovanion of Rhylanor - {7th Lord Rhuthven Glen - Rhimono /Dirli} (ca 1000+) - (Non-Canon)
  • Knight Bachelor (Hereditary): Lord Robert Ian Morvran Rhovanion of Rhylanor - {8th Lord Rhuthven Glen - Rhimono /Dirli} (ca 1050+) - (Non-Canon)
  • Knight Bachelor (Hereditary): Lord Richard Elruinn Ilendrick Rhovanion of Rhylanor - {9th Lord Rhuthven Glen - Rhimono /Dirli} (ca 1097+) - (Non-Canon)

Planetary (Local) Nobility of Dirli[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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Image Repository[edit]

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