Ninlakim Trace

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The Ninlakim Trace has a distinct cultural feel that is different to other worlds in the subsector, still recognizable as Vilani in parts.


Ninlakim Trace is named after the major world of the group.

History and background[edit]

The trace was settled by the Vilan about ~10,000 and has always seemed to look to itself for cultural advances.

Worlds and sectors[edit]

Name given to the eight system in the Trailing/Rimward portion of the Arnakhish Subsector that are accessible to each other by Jump-1 vessels.

World Listing[edit]

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Anshir  •  Eshsii  •  Ishkaa  •  Khalan  •  Ninlakim  •  Oracle  •  Suakan  •  Umnudar  •  
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