Near Fringian Lost Settlements

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The Near Fringian Lost Settlements are human settlements believed to have been founded by the Cripple Fleet or the Dissident Fleet, beyond the Distant Fringe proper.

Description / Specifications[edit]

The Lost Settlements are believed to have been founded by individuals who were by necessity or by chance left behind, or by those who chose to settle worlds that they found along the way.

Cripple Fleet[edit]

Not all the vessels of the Last Armada made it as far as the Distant Fringe, instead being forced to stop in the empty sectors lying to trailing. These are collectively known as the Cripple Fleet, though in most cases vessels were lost individually.

Dissident Fleet[edit]

A faction of the Last Armada that refused to settle in the Demon Cluster, instead pushing further to spinward.

List of Lost Settlements[edit]

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

While there is no hard proof, it is believed that the personnel aboard these lost, stricken or onward-travelling ships were able to settle the systems in which they found themselves – these are collectively known as the Lost Settlements. Popular belief has it that these lonely outposts not only survived but prospered, eventually forming their own developed worlds or even interstellar polities. Other theories hold that they have been destroyed or overrun by the Vilani Imperium, the Voyagers or some other unknown danger.

3V Shows[edit]

"Lost Settlements" feature in a number of syndicated 3V Entertainment shows.

The most popular of these is Infinitys Shore, telling the story of the Dissident Fleet and drawing on the Mythology of Lon Beon. Another much followed trope is Plague Sector, set in Pestilent Sector and following the struggles of a human state against the menace of "the plague".

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