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The Nabile Deep Space Fuel Cache, or NDSFC, is located within interstellar hex (1536 Bourne) within the Moat Rifts. It is a deep-space Calibration Point constructed to allow access to the Nabile system (1634 Bourne) and those worlds beyond it. The majority of ships passing through the NDSFC are typically research vessels from the University of Tal Varisa and long-range scout craft operated by the Firstworlds and private organisations.

Description / Specifications[edit]

The NDSFC consists of:

The two vessels are permanently tethered together at the center of a sphere of locator beacons. Each beacon is located approximately 1200AU from the NDSFC and contains communications equipment and emergency supplies. Each beacon is well maintained and is regularly visited by service crews.

The two vessels used to create the NDSFC were purchased while still being constructed. They were specially prepared during the final phase of their building, primarily through the addition of powerful communications and sensor suites, and then jumped to interstellar hex (1536 Bourne). The interior space normally given over to heavy equipment such as purification plants was converted to additional storage and their internal drive tankage has been added to the cache's overall fuel holding capacity. Although theoretically capable of being jumped, neither vessel has initiated their DeVoss Drives in over a decade.

The NDSFC has a small compliment of small craft of different types and a dedicated 100 dTon Courier. A small Security unit, operated by the Bursary Office of the University, is stationed aboard the Cache.

History & Background[edit]

The Nabile system (1634 Bourne) is considered to be the final link on the Desolate Path. The Abbot system (1337 Bourne) was the point where the Last Armada entered the Distant Fringe proper sometime in 2254AD.

The NDSFC project was initiated in 5575AD by the Department of Early History of the University of Tal Varisa to allow research and study of the worlds lying beyond the Abbot Spur in Bourne Sector. The component vessels had been purchased, prepared and positioned by the beginning of 5581AD. The NDSFC was operational by the beginning of 5583AD. To date, a number of expeditions to trailing have been launched from the site.

It is fairly well-known that the both the Firstworlds and the High Senate subsidise the NDSFC. The Firstworlds maintains an official military liaison team aboard the cache, ostensibly to provide skilled sensor operators.

Accurate, up-to-date navigation data for the NDSFC is widely available. Travellers to the NDSFC are infrequent but are welcomed.

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