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Classification Omnivore/Gatherer
Size 1.5m
Weight 100kg
Status Variant Human Race
Homeworld Khusgulur (Dagudashaag 2525)
Multi-world No
Extinct No
Psi Potential Standard
Canon No
Reference "Library Data: Gadde." Signal-GK 06 11.
Morlock is the nickname given to a variant human race living on Khusgulur (Dagudashaag 2525).

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Morlocks are human stock, and still capable of interbreeding with other human races.

History and background[edit]

The surface of the world is only marginally habitable and the original population were miners living in the deep mines they created. They underwent a forced evolution during the Second Imperium and Long Night required for their own survival when they discovered they could no longer leave the world.

They had become photophobic (unable to cope with bright lights), agoraphobic (fear of open spaces) and had adapted so well to living off the native flora and fauna that they now needed certain unique enzymes found only in that particular food-chain to survive. Their enzyme dependence makes it impossible for them to colonize other planets, and their limited living space requires them to have strictly enforced population controls.

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