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The Miskatonic Space Navy operates out of Miskatonic (world).

Description / Specifications[edit]

A small revenue generating operation which uses locally built vessels to circumvent paying full imperial naval fleet payments.

Discount Merchant Transport[edit]

Logistics command uses these bare minimum saucers to haul cargo for whoever is paying. Ten of these ships are currently available for charters and merchant speculation. Customers must share profits with the government to cover operating expenses. The "navy" is looking for a win/win deal.

MT-1611111-000000-00000-0 MCr. 31.1   100 Tons
Bearing                               Crew 1
Batteries                             TL 9
Cargo: 57 tons   Fuel: 11 tons   EP: 1 Agility: 1
Fuel Treatment:   Fuel Scoops  
Architects Fee: MCr 0.311   Cost in Quantity: MCr 24.88

Discount Carrier[edit]

Two of these carriers are rented out. Star mercenaries can use them. Companies can use them to escort their ships. Some wealthy individuals charter the whole ship and crew for elaborate recreational quasi military tour packages. If you ever wanted to feel like a real fleet admiral without the trouble of enlisting. The fighter pilot package is popular with thrill seekers. They serve as a flight school of sorts, under careful supervision. These are unstreamlined, open frames which allows rapid fighter launch and recovery.

EC-1711111-000000-00002-1 MCr. 95.084  100 Tons
Bearing               1                Crew 9
Batteries             1                TL 9
Cargo: 0 tons Fuel: 11 tons EP: 1 Agility: 1
Craft: 7 x 6T Light Fighter
Architects Fee: MCr 0.321   Cost in Quantity: MCr 88.667

Discount Fighter F-9[edit]

Fourteen of these sleek craft are in operation. Designed to be simple to operate with redundant safety protocols that prevent rookies from causing harm to themselves or the craft. Skilled pilots can be granted permission to go weapons live, for serious patrol work, when no tourists are available for charters. Inexpensive to operate and maintain, the local economy looks upon their maintenance as a technical academy. The older school children are allowed to make repairs with repair droid and instructor's oversight. They are fast and agile but lack military grade computational power, which renders their targeting suspect against more advanced designs.

DF-0106601-000000-00002-0 MCr. 8.745    6 Tons
Bearing               1                 Crew 1
Batteries             1                 TL 9
Cargo: 0.4 ton magazine   Fuel: 1 ton  EP: 0.36   Agility: 6
Fuel Treatment:   Fuel Scoops  
Architects Fee: MCr 0.087   Cost in Quantity: MCr 6.996

Discount Commando Raider[edit]

Four of these transports are used for bulk livestock shipments. When necessary skilled doctors are used to ensure everyone wakes up. Low passengers can be efficiently moved. In rare cases military units who want cheap transport into or out of a mercenary contract retain the services of the Miskatonic Navy for work in hostile environments.

CS-1611111-000000-00002-0 MCr. 48.6   100 Tons
Bearing               1               Crew 3
Batteries             1               TL 9
Cargo: 4 tons   Low: 100   Fuel: 11 tons EP: 1 Agility: 1
Fuel Treatment:   Fuel Scoops  
Architects Fee: MCr 0.486   Cost in Quantity: MCr 38.88

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

The colonial government of Miskatonic (world) was presented with an interesting choice. They could offer up a sizable portion of the gross domestic product in imperial naval subsidies payable to Alpher (world) for the support of the local fleet. The 293rd Fleet is a modern formation with advanced warships which they are incapable of manufacturing. So as a sign of passive aggressive resistance, and budgetary frugality an alternative solution was proposed by the local nobles. These same nobles happen to be heavily vested in the local ship building industry. These minimalistic designs were offered. For a tiny cost outlay a small squadron of ships were built. A small cadre of retired imperial naval officers were paid a stipend to ensure training standards and to oversee the maintenance of these simple craft. The bulk of the Miskatonic Navy is an all volunteer force. The force see to local security to the best of its limited abilities. To insure they operate at a profit, something unheard of for a naval force which typically consume resources at alarming rates and drain a planet's coffers this tiny force can pay for itself. They are available for commercial operations under leases and charters. Private companies can use the ships for merchant and trade runs. The profits pay for the use and operation of the ships. Their commercial applications combined with the token number of ships means that the "elite" Miskatonic Navy is far cheaper to operate than having to pay annual naval fleet support payments as a colony. Advanced vessels from the local fleet just laugh and shake their heads. Fortunately this region is generally peaceful for most eras. The initial capital outlay was small, and maintenance is subsidized. The combat loses are rare and replacement vessels are inexpensive. Local noble houses keep the force small and easy to manage with a minimum of very experienced naval personnel who were attracted by the reasonable hours and a chance to stay active, involved and contribute their skills and fleet experience to the next generation. These naturalized Miskatonic Officers are attracted from across the subsector, and they all know how to get the best performance from their modest vessels, and are well aware of their limitations and know how best to employ them to avoid disaster. The salaries and land grants make retiring here very attractive. When openings appear there is no shortage of applicants. There is no formal enlistment, as volunteers you can serve for as long as you like. One year contracts can be renewed as needed to provide flexibility. Extraordinary circumstances are possible and the unwilling can petition to get a change in their duty status if the requirements of the service permit. Private citizens signing up for excursions and tours are treated like a form of working passage, they are screened to see if they can perform a ship board task and permitted to serve on one cruise. Usually a patrol around the system, or a single jump to a neighboring system for a merchant run. They avoid real naval bases and stay clear of subsector fleet maneuvers.

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