Milieu 0 Campaign

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Milieu 0 Campaign
Publisher Imperium Games
Version Marc Miller's Traveller
Author Michael BerryDavid Burden
Format Book (Hard cover)
Canonical 1
Year Published 1996
Pages 112

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Meta-history & Background[edit]

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Design: Michael Berry, David Burden, Stuart L. Dollar, David Elrick, Jo Grant, Andy Lilly & Joseph E. Walsh
Compilation & Editing: Lester Smith
Additional Editing & Rumor Control: Tony Lee
Cover Art, Interior Illustrations: Chris Foss
Illustrations & Graphic Design: Ashe Marler

Table of Contents[edit]

1. Antecedents of the Third Imperium
2. The Expansion Process
3. The First Wave
4. Power Structures circa Year 0
5. Refereeing Milieu 0
6. Library Data
7. Core Sector Data
8. Rumours
9. Timeline and Significant Events
10. Rivals of the Young Imperium
11. Adventures in Milieu 0
12. Worlds in Milieu 0