Mexicatl Cultural Revolution

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The Mexicatl Cultural Revolution (605 - 615) was instigated and led by Ixtlilpopoca Sanchez to conquer several worlds in Dagudashaag Sector, by creating a cultural awareness of the people on the worlds.

  • Given the position of Dagudashaag, it was first drained of resources during the Imperial Civil War to support the various factions.


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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

In 605 Ixtlilpopoca instigated a bloodless revolution on Eddum (Dagudashaag 0531) and Shumuu (Dagudashaag 0631), founding the Amec Trade Protectorate, and using them as bases to build a war machine.

Over the next three years, he managed to capture Kinhe (Dagudashaag 0331), Anshaar (Dagudashaag 0633), and Mimku (Dagudashaag 0831). The war continued for a further seven years. It was only due to Duke Ghani Bolivar's masterful use of the limited military resources to prevent the Protectorate from completely taking over the subsector.

The Treaty of Chicometli in 615 Ixtlilpopoca succeeded in getting the Ducal office to recognize the cultural independence of the three worlds in Bolivar — Kinhe, Eddum, and Shumuu. In return the Protectorate remained officially allied with the Imperium.

This gave Ixtlilpopoca the power to declare himself supreme Tlatoanl of the people.

After the conclusion of the Civil War, Arbellatra reviewed of the events and treaty and stripped Duke Ghani of his position and ducal titles. In his place Duke Viisarlkaa Jalandri. To the surprise of Ixtlilpopoca, the new Duke honored the agreement and even allowed the worlds of Anshaar and Mimku to rejoin the Protectorate.

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