Merant class Fleet Tender

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Merant class Fleet Tender
Type: VT Battle Tender
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Cargo 100 Tons
Cost MCr4,614.939 (base)
MCr3,691.951 (discounted)
Crew 64 (+300 marines)
Hardpoints 120
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Jump J-1
Maneuver 1 G
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Origin Rimward Federation
Passengers 0 High/Med 0 Low
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Size 12,000 Tons
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Tech Level TL–10
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Two in service

The Merant class Fleet Tender is an auxiliary starship.

Description / Specifications[edit]

The Fleet Tender is a military transport vessel that sees service within the Rimward Federation and among the rimward worlds of the Distant Fringe. It is classified as a Battle Tender and is constructed as a long-range design.

  • The vessel is a TL 10 design.


The Fleet Tender is constructed using a 12000 dTon hull built in a dispersed structure configuration.

  • Individual sections of the ship are divided into nodes and modules. These can be isolated in the event of an emergency.
  • The hull includes internal grav plates and inertial compensators. All accessible sections of the hull have life support.


The vessel mounts a DeVoss-type jump-1 drive, a maneuver-1 drive, and a power plant 2, giving performance of jump-1 and 1G acceleration. The ship has an agility rating of 0 and an emergency agility of 1. There is fuel tankage of 5040 dTons, sufficient for four jump-1s and giving the power plant four weeks duration. The vessel is fitted with a fuel purification plant.

  • The engineering section has a main control room.
  • The jump drive creates a jump bubble around the vessel.
  • The jump drive is fitted with a jump governor.

Main Section[edit]

Adjacent to the bridge is a computer model/4 fib: the vessel carries an additional backup computer model/4 fib. There are 188 staterooms. Cargo capacity amounts to 100 dTons. Double occupancy accommodations are required for all except the command crew. 150 staterooms are available ships troops.

  • The vessel is fitted with communications equipment, an advanced sensor array, full ECM, and an avionics suite.


The Fleet Tender requires 64 crew: 11x command, 12x engineering, 16x gunnery, 24x service, and 1x flight. The vessel typically carries a complement of 300 marines.


The ship is fitted with 3x 100 dTon bays and 90 turrets. These are grouped into:

  • one particle accelerator bay
  • two missile bays
  • four beam laser batteries, each consisting of 10 linked triple turrets
  • two plasma gun batteries, each consisting of 10 linked dual turrets
  • three sandcaster batteries, each consisting of 10 linked triple turrets


The ship carries a 40 dTon Recovery Craft in a dedicated hanger.

  • the vessel can carry up to four Peset class Monitors
  • the vessel can carry up to two Nassin class SDBs
These clamp onto fixed mountings located across the hull.


The basic cost of the vessel, complete with a Recovery Craft, is MCr4,614.939.

  • The design is exclusive to the armed forces of the Rimward Federation. Architectural plans for privately constructed vessels must be drawn up, at a cost of MCr46.419.
  • If multiple examples of the design are ordered all of the ships in the production run qualify for a 20% discount, which reduces their price to MCr3,691.951.

Construction Time: 165 weeks for a single unit, 132 weeks in quantity.

History / Background[edit]

Designed and built at Dal Hallen for the Rimward Federation. Merant class Fleet Tenders move between strategic locations, supporting and reinforcing fleet elements for coordinated defense of the Federation. They are constructed as dispersed structure hulls for rapid deployment and recovery of carried craft.

  • They have fuel refineries but are incapable of performing wilderness refueling operations. They are able to convert skimmed hydrogen (provided to them by vessels such as tankers) into refined fuel.

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