McClaren class Destroyer

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McClaren class Destroyer
Type: DD Destroyer
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Cargo 85 Tons
Cost MCr3,613.24
Crew 62 with 24 marines
Hardpoints 30
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Jump J-2
Maneuver 6 G
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Origin Principality of Caledon
Passengers 0 High/Med 0 Low
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Size 3,000 Tons
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Tech Level TL–11
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24 in service.

Caledonian destroyers are named posthumously after Caledonian naval and Marine heroes, and historical Admirals and other prominent officers. McClaren Class Destroyers are 3,000 ton, vessels. There are 24 of these obsolescent 3,000 ton TL–11 class ships serve as escorts to the Marine Landing force, and are due to be replaced soon.


This class embodies many of the traits common among Caledonian designs, including a cavernous cargo bay for weeks of supplies. The streamlined hull is lightly armored and equipped with a battery of ten sand casters, a single battery of ten triple beam lasers, and a single battery of ten missile turrets bay for offensive fire power. The design features a small marine platoon, and a 20ton Gig.

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