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Non-canon: In this instance this term referred to a small elite military unit raised from the Bunkeria Subsector on the planet of Marsus (Core 0127 B578598-B) by the fanatical Baron Rolf von Toerbach. They were organized and trained for four years before they saw combat, at the Baron's personal expense and under his personal command. The higher ups saw first to give him a small cadre of very talented special operators, NCO's and instructors who took personal pride in forging an elite outfit. This Colonial Legion exceeded expectations and had a decent combat service history for the Interstellar Confederacy until the Sylean Federation overwhelmed them. Equipped with the very best TL–12 weapons, vehicles and armor; they relied on naval support for deployment. They were army and NOT marines.


  • Command Post with Grav Sleds for the CO and XO with battle computers, map boxes, extensive ECM, jammers, and recon/sensor probes
  • Mess Platoon
  • Medical Platoon
  • Maintenance Platoon
  • Supply Platoon

Cavalry Troop[edit]

  • Scout/Sniper Platoon with 2 officers and 40 men in chameleon combat armor, with grav belts, and laser rifles
  • (4) Scout Platoons (2) Air Rafts with 8cm mortars, (7) Grav Cycles, (3) Grav APCs

Artillery Battery[edit]

  • Fire Direction Center Sled
  • Ammo G-Carrier
  • (8) Self Propelled 30cm Hyper Velocity Mass Drivers for indirect fire

(2) Drop Infantry Companies[edit]

  • Pioneer Platoon/with 2 officers and 40 men, 4mm gauss rifles, 4cm grenade launchers, combat armor, assault drop capsules, (8) Demolition Robots
  • Disposable MRLS Artillery Platoon (8) units, 60 tubes each, 9cm long range rockets, no reloads
  • Sentry Point Defense Rapid Pulse Laser Platoon, (4) sleds with three crew each which carry the laser and (20) 200kg TAC missiles each
  • (2) Drop Infantry Platoons

Combat Support Company[edit]

  • (2) Grav Tank Platoons with (5) MBTs each armed with TAC missiles, plasma guns and VRF gauss guns
  • Combat Engineering Platoon

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