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The Traveller wiki recommends the following organizational layout for an individual language.

  • No one is required to use these suggested layouts and if you see potential improvements to one of these organizational layouts, please bring it up on the discussion pages.
This [[language]] is primarily used by the <Sophont> race throughout the <Government> polity.
* It is a [category] language.

== Description ==
No information yet available.

=== Structure ===
No information yet available.

==== Morphology ====
Morphology is the study of the internal structure of words.
* morpheme, inflection, paradigm, declension, derivation, compound, etc.

==== Phonology ==== 
Phonology, the study of the sound systems of a language.
* phoneme, allophone, segment, mora, syllable, foot, stress, tone, etc.

==== Grammar ====
Grammar is the structure of a language.
* tense, aspect, mood and modality, grammatical number, grammatical gender, case, etc.

==== Syntax ====
Syntax is the study of how words combine to form grammatical sentences.
* phrase, clause, grammatical function, grammatical voice, etc.

=== Meaning === 
No information yet available.

==== Lexicology ====
A lexicon is the word supply of a language. 
* word, lexeme, lemma, lexicon, vocabulary, terminology, etc.

==== Semantics ====
Semantics is the study of the meaning of words (lexical semantics), and how these combine to form the meanings of sentences.
* meaning, sense, entailment, truth condition, compositionality, etc.

==== Pragmatics ====
Pragmatics is the study of how language is used by its speakers.
* presupposition, implicature, deixis

== Historical linguistics ==
No information yet available.

== Worlds and sectors ==
This language is primarily in use in the following areas:
* No information yet available.

== References and contributors ==
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