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The Traveller wiki recommends the following organizational layout for one of the many authors or contributor to Traveller universe.

  • No one is required to use these suggested layouts and if you see potential improvements to one of these organizational layouts, please bring it up on the discussion pages.
  • Please see Template:InfoboxBook2 for the infobox template
|name={Name of the book, no links}
|image={Reference to Image, no links, no File required}
|caption={Sub-Title of Book}
|publisher={Name of publisher, no links}
|version={Reference to Version of Traveller, no links}
|author={List of authors, comma separates, no links}
|format={book format eg. lbb}
|canon={yes or no is book considered a canon source}
|edition={versions of book, issue}
|year={year published}
|pages={number of pages}
|alsosee={related reference}
|available={URL source to get the item (only)}
|footnote=(misc info e.g. isbn)
|contents={Table of contents, comma separated list of "chapter title":page}
No information or synopsis yet available. 

== Description (Specifications) ==
No information yet available. 

== Meta-history and background ==
No information yet available. 

== Credits (Primary Sources) ==
No information yet available. 

== Table of Contents ==
No information yet available.

== References & Contributions (Sources) ==