Major Darpana Schmidt

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Born on Gishin (world) she is currently employed as a mercenary commander after her promising military career was cut short under mysterious circumstances. She leads Sascha's Maulers, a unit raised and commanded by female officers.

Army Major Darpana Schmidt 4797B7 Age 30
3 terms Cr 45,000
Skills: ATV-1, Air/Raft-1, Laser Rifle-1, Tactics-1, Leader-1, Mechanical-1, Rifle-1, SMG-2
Benefits: High Passage
Service History:
Attempted to enlist in Army.
Enlistment accepted.
Commissioned during first term of service.
Promoted to Captain.
Voluntarily reenlisted for second term.
Promoted to Major.
Voluntarily reenlisted for third term.
Denied reenlistment after third term.

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