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M. Primus, the anglic translation of the manipulator's name, was a Hiver nest leader in one of ten city-states on a mountainous peninsula of Guaran, the Hiver homeworld.

Description (Biography)[edit]

M. Primus is credited with carrying out the first ever manipulation about 10,000 years before the founding of the Third Imperium.

Universal Personality Profile (UPP)[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

M. Primus was a resident in one of ten states at the conjunction of several river valleys around a rocky peninsula. It observed that the sea routes were inconveniently long and suggested that it would be useful to develop the interior valleys. Primus persuaded the states to undertake a program of tunnel building to replace the sea trade and to open up the peninsular interior. In the short time of 15 years, the cities were connected by roads winding and tunneling through the mountain and settlements served by them grew up in the interior. After 30 years, the region had changed from a selection of isolated communities to a single nation-scale.

When this happened. Primus claimed that it had intended this outcome all along.

Here accounts differ, Primus was either appointed ruler of the new polity or driven out as a threat to the community. In either case, the state grew; outsiders observed its success and applied for membership, and Primus’ account of its act was lauded as the first great Hiver manipulation.

Personage Timeline[edit]

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