Luhman 16 (star)

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Luhman 16 A
Imperial Sunburst-Sun-IISS-Traveller.gif
Spectral L7.5
Type Brown Dwarf
Multiple Binary
Luminosity LSol
Absolute magnitude
Temperature 1350° K
Mass 0.045 (= 47.1 MJ) MSol
Companion Luhman 16 B
Luhman 16 B
Imperial Sunburst-Sun-IISS-Traveller.gif
Spectral T0.5
Type Brown Dwarf
Multiple Companion
Luminosity LSol
Absolute magnitude
Temperature 1210° K
Mass 0.040 (= 41.9 MJ) MSol
Companion Luhman 16 A

The brown dwarf Luhman 16 (otherwise known as WISE 1049−5319 or WISE J104915.57-531906.1) is a binary brown dwarf system that lies very close to the Sol star system.


The Luhman 16 system is a pair of brown dwarfs of spectral types L7.5 (of pinkish color) and T0.5 (of cerise-magenta color) that orbit each other with a period of about 25 years at a separation of about 3AU.

  • Luhman 16 is the nearest star/brown-dwarf system to the Alpha Centauri system (See: Prometheus), at 1.097 pc distance, though it is the third closest system to Sol, at 1.998 pc distance (after Alpha Centauri and Barnard's Star).
  • The Luhman 16 system lies approximately 2.0pc from Terra, and is located in a Rimtrailing/Trailing direction from Terra at bearing 285.2o Galactic Longitude and +05.3o North Galactic Latitude.
  • It lies roughly rimward/rimtrailing of Alpha Centauri.

History and Background[edit]

The system at Luhman 16 is believed to contain three planets, but hasn't attracted much interest as either a waypoint for FTL travel or as a place of habitation due to poor predicted environmental conditions.

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