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The Lucite Margins is named ship model of the Seeker class Asteroid Prospector.

  • It's a starship.
  • It is also the name of the mining and prospecting company.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Another quality product of the Nist (world) shipyards. Upon mustering out many local belters obtain these vessels once their production quotas have been satisfied and they are permitted to operate independently of centralized mining guild controls.

S-1721231-030000-10001-0 MCr. 59.53                         100 tons
Bearing    1     1   1                                      Crew: 2
Batteries  1     1   1                                      TL-11
Cargo: 30 tons Emergency Low: 1   Fuel: 22 tons EP: 2 Agility: 0 
x1 Pulse Mining Laser
Craft: x1 4T Air Raft
Architects Fee: MCr 0.595   Cost in Quantity: MCr 47.624

The ship has a powerful pulse mining laser for blasting and melting rocks in the search for rare elements and valuable minerals and ores. The free floating excess particulates resulting from its use would quickly obscure the digging site. Therefore these tiny rock bits are captured by the refinery and packed into 50kg canisters. This forms the basis for the PPES or Pez system. The prismatic particulates ejection system, happens to function as the equivalent of a defensive sand caster battery. There is also a 50kg survey drone launcher which can be re-purposed to function as a missile launch rail.

Lothorio's other assets include a huge mass driver which he can mount of various rocks to launch payloads back toward Tsorva (world) orbit. Periodically he redeploys the remote platform to other portions of the belt depending on where he is currently prospecting.

Dangerously close to the massive primary Kadarr in the Tsorva (world) system is a dense rocky asteroid belt. This tiny vessel is home and corporate headquarters for a very small business. Agnes, a gift from the crew of the Cryophage is listed as an employee, but that might be a technicality. She is skilled in medicine, engineering and gunnery. Her diminutive being is tasked with keeping her charge safe and sound. Mr. Lothorio Pensberg, Esquire is the owner/operator of Lucite Margins. Belter BC559C 1.89m 89kg white/blue Age 38 5 Terms Cr. 200,000, Travellers', Seeker Vacc-1, Prospecting-2, Pilot-1, Gambling-1, Brawling-1

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

He currently has the entire belt to himself. Due to the quirky relationship this Luddite world currently has with space borne matters, he was able to negotiate an exclusive contract to chart and explore the belt. A sub clause allows him to keep mineral samples he finds during his survey. The size of the samples was never specified and therefore he feels he has legal permission to mine as he sees fit. He is an eccentric misanthrope, who fiercely protects his stake, his claim, his personal isolated, desolate irradiated fiefdom. To date a massive molybdenum deposit has been the most profitable claim so far. The dispersed structure hull is unstreamlined and is a chaotic array of gantries, modules and maneuver components. Antennae farms jut out at odd angles around a large central cargo bay. The bay is home to a small ore processing refinery. A pair of staterooms and a small medical bay, equipped with an emergency low berth form the foundation of a spin habitat module. Lothorio has an absent minded habit of singing and yodeling across random radio bandwidth frequencies. His system range radio communications array is quite capable of cutting in on shipping comm-link frequencies between inbound or out going traffic trying to get telemetry to or from the one hundred diameter jump line. Some visitors report enjoying and appreciating his lonely brand of impromptu entertainment.

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