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A Low Berth Rack is a high technology device used to transport passengers in cryogenic sleep.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Interior fittings: Deck plans typically show various furnishings and fittings which appear within the ship.[1] Furniture hinders movement and may, in some instances, blocks sighting and weapon fire as well.[2]

Miscellaneous: Low berths are stacked (...usually) three high. They are coffin-sized containers, with readouts monitoring the vital signs of transportees mounted at convenient locations.[3]

Low Berth Racks are inherently dangerous and mortality rates are statistically high even if the odds are relatively low compared to other interstellar dangers. They come in a vast variety of sizes, makes, models, and types. Many are dedicated units for cheap interstellar travel, while others are specialized for emergency medical use. The use of the Frozen Watch is another application of this technology.[4]

Some societies in Charted Space have used them as sophont time capsules, living their finite lives over centuries or even millennia. The legend of Giirkha Girgi has inspired some to becomes Winkles as part of Timer Clubs.[5]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Unfortunately, the low passage system involves some intrinsic dangers to the passenger, and he runs some risk of not surviving the voyage.

  • A certified medic is required to be present during revival.
  • Refunds or civil liability if a low passenger fails to survive the trip are not allowed.

The Low Lottery[edit]

The Low Lottery: It is customary for the captain to contribute Cr10 out of each low passage towards a lottery. Each low passenger randomly guesses the number of low passengers who will survive the trip. If the winner does not himself survive, the captain receives the money. The ship's steward administers the lottery. [6]

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