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Lon Beon is the name given to a legendary human domain that lies far to spinward of the Distant Fringe.

Description / Specifications[edit]

A mythical or fictional state that supposedly lies far to spinward, within the Centrum Cluster, around the Maw of The Rift, far beyond even the fabled realm of the Slavers. It is said to lie at the point where the river without suns meets the ocean with no stars, upon infinitys shore, at that place where the stars end. The quote, the opening monologue of the popular sci-fi show "Infinitys Shore", has become the accepted location.

Astrographic charting by the University of Selasia Spinward Survey has located the positions and types of all the stars within the Centrum Cluster, the greater grouping of stars that Lon Beon lies within.

  • The region identified as Lon Beon contains an unusually high number of Received Signal Sources, further fuelling the debate over whether there is a kernel of truth to the Lon Beon myth.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

The core of the Lon Beon tale is that it was founded by the Dissident Fleet, those elements of the Last Armada who decided to continue onwards rather than settle the Demon Cluster, today's Distant Fringe. The crews of those vessels are supposed to have met the Slavers on their journey and recovered extremely advanced artifacts, which they were able to reverse-engineer and utilise, granting them incredibly high levels of technology.

Popular Culture[edit]

Lon Beon is a popular sci-fi trope within the Distant Fringe:

  • Within the various stories, Lon Beon is opposed by the evil Empire of Thrax, a domain controlled by cyborg-worm Thrax and Brain Ticks, their symbiote allies. The Empire have a comparable degree of technology and an urge to wipe out the plucky humans.
    • Lon Beon and the Empire of Thrax are reckoned to have a level of technological development close to TL23, though the exact nature of their technology very much depends on the writer of the story and the nature of the deus ex machina required to conclude the tale.
    • The technology of both Lon Beon and the Empire of Thrax relies on the Centrum Device, located in the Centrum system, a trinary star system centered on a pair of white dwarf stars. The Device has varying capabilities depending on the story, but primarily provides limitless power and allows starships to travel tens of parsecs through the use of hop drives.
    • The Device also serves as a jump inhibitor, precipitating vessels out of jumpspace within a lightyear of the Centrum system.
    • The Device has occasionally functioned as a rudimentary ansible.


Lon Beon is ruled by the shadowy and nefarious Technocrat, an immortal, all-powerful leader with his own dark agenda and aims. The Technocrat originated with the Dissident Fleet and was somehow changed by the Slaver technology they recovered.

Technological Advancement[edit]

Lon Beon possesses a Technology Level of TL 23 or TL P in Hexadecimal Notation.

  • Common Communication technologies for this TL include: ansible , matter transport, mind transfer.
  • Common Power Generation technologies for this TL include: Centrum Device technology.
  • Common Transportation technologies for this TL include:
    • Land, Water & Air: teleportation.
    • Space: fantastical designs.
    • FTL: Hop Drive.

Artefacts and Devices[edit]

A number of devices are known to be employed by Lon Beon:

  • Doormakers: suspension capsules containing a substance referred to as Grey Goo, made up of nanos in a nutrition/dispersal gel. It can be sprayed onto a surface in order to melt a hole through it. The nanos will not interact with living biological materials, unless the plot really calls for it.
  • Quantum Tap: a self-sustaining power plant that draws on the mathematical substrate of the universe, the "subspace energy" released by the Centrum Device. It produces tremendous power but consumes no fuel; it requires an external power source in order to start.

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