Lomodo IVA

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Lomodo IV A
Publisher Group One
Version Classic Traveller
Author Bill Bledsaw.
Format Paperback
Canonical No
Year Published 1980
Pages 16

Lomodo IVA (Book) Synopsis[edit]

Campaign setting describing a world that is home to such creatures as the Osp, Angiosh, Rudstot, Efut, and Culwap.

16 pages, large color map, 1980

Lomodo IVA (Book) Credits[edit]

Author: Bill Bledsaw.

Lomodo IVA (Book) Table of Contents[edit]

History, UPC General Description & Flora of Lomodo IVa
The Terrain of Lomodo IVa
The Osp & Osp Ability Chart
Fauna of Lomodo IVa
Drawings of Fauna
Encounter Charts: Coast & Swamp-Plains-Desert
Encounter Charts: Mountains-Hills-Geophysical Encounters
The Temple of Bruidad Descriptions
Fortified Town Ruins - Mur Byl
Map of Temple Bruidad & Map of Mur Byl
The Ruins of Fortress Caldone & Map of the Tomb of Sidae
The Tomb of Sidae