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A Lock is a device intended to discourage or prevent theft of valuable goods.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Typically locks are used to secure portals or doorways with chain and a difficult to break or activate locking mechanism (...often with a secret code or combination). However, locks come in a great variety of sizes, shapes, and types from gigantic bank vault locks to the smallest luggage locks. Some are truly imposing and difficult to take apart with explosives or industrial tools while others may be fairly simple and easy to break by hand or manipulator, really more of a visible record that luggage or valuables have been broken into.

Selected Lock Types[edit]

  1. Biometric Electronic Lock
  2. Combination Lock
  3. Keypad Electronic Lock
  4. Magnetic Electronic Lock
  5. Metabolic Electronic Lock
  6. Psychometric Lock
  7. Tumbler Lock

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The first locks are invented almost as early as the first tools. This typically occurs within the TL:1-3 Technological Epoch.

The earliest locks tend to be rope or rawhide knots tied in such a way as to preclude untying of the knot except with great effort and much time... The Gordian Knot of Terran fame could only be disabled by cutting it apart with a bladed weapon.

The early knot barriers often develop into wooden pin locks, which consisted of a bolt, a door fixture, and key. Early keys often had dramatically different shapes than more modern conceptions of keys. Lock boxes are often the first choice for storage of valuables.

Mechanical locks tend to predominate in this period. They are simple and often very tough to defeat.

Growing electronic and microelctronic industries enable a wide variety of new lock technologies, many of which don't mature until later technological epochs.

Early Makertech combines with sophisticated electronics to create new, more advanced locks.

More sophisticated bio-tech makes new technology locks incredibly difficult to defeat.

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