Local Astrographical Survey Project

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The Local Astrographical Survey Project is a small group that seeks to accurately chart the positions and nature of the stars and systems lying within the near unexplored regions of the Distant Fringe, primarily those sectors lying along its spinward and coreward edges.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

It is commonly known as 'LASP '.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Background: The Department of Astronomy of the University of Selasia, part of the School of Physical Sciences, oversees the Local Astrographical Survey Project.

Facilities and Equipment[edit]

LASP has privileged access to many of the facilities and observatories in which the University of Selasia has an interest. These include:

  • Radio Observatories
  • Microwave Observatories
  • Neutrino Detectors
  • Surface Observatories
  • Space Observatories
  • Cosmic Ray Observatories
  • Gravity Wave Detectors

It also has access to advanced computer systems and high-tech equipment.


LASP has accurately detailed around 75 separate star systems lying within 4 sectors of space. This data is not generally available but access is not restricted.

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