Llaeghskath Interacterate

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The Llaeghskath Interacterate was formed in mid-1114. A long series of complaints against the increasing hostility of Faarzgaen caused two worlds of the Empire of VarroerthLlaegharrgh (Provence 0604) and Ouskathoerz (Provence 0405) – to secede. This secession, meant to defend against Faarzgaen's ambivalence, prompted Faarzgaen to secede as well.

The two governments - Interacterate and Jihad - squared off against each other. Varroerthan officials were initially stunned, but they had no intention of forcibly reintegrating either side. The Empire preferred to remain neutral until the hostilities burned themselves out and both sides willingly returned to the Varroerthan fold.

At present, it is fairly certain that such a return will not be happening soon. The Llaerghskath Interacterate is strong, stable, and independently-minded. Its government embodies a strong, pro-tech ideology - one that has allowed Llaegharrgh, the capital, to reach tech level 16. Young Ghaarn I, former Admiral of the Fleet, has just been crowned Raarvak of the Interacterate, with the overwhelming support of the populace.

After six years, the war with the Jihad of Faarzgaen has hardly lessened in severity. Both sides have sustained millions of casualties and gigacredits of damage. The closest approach to a cease-fire came in 1118, when news of Strephon's assassination and the Imperial break-up drew corsairs and mercenaries from the fighting in Provence into Corridor. Nearly constant, brutal warfare soon resumed, though.

The frequent battles have taken their toll on the Llaeghskathian people. Once very friendly and hospitable, they have become hard, quiet, and determined - a people accustomed to constant warfare, death, and destruction. As the Interacterate's fledgling economy is completely dedicated to the war effort, high taxes and mandatory unpaid factory service now weigh upon the citizens. Contact with other governments has dwindled to naught, and foreign visitors are often suspected of being Faarzgaen terrorists.

If and when the fighting does end, the Interacterate promises to be a humane government. Its founders intended to create an open, active society based on the advancement of technology, to the benefit of all citizens. Consequently, education is a high priority in Llaeghskathian life, and an individual's charisma often depends on his academic background.

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