Lieber Subsector

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Lieber Subsector
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Sector Foreven
No. of Stars 21
Majority Control Zhodani Consulate - 100%
Map Key Map Key

Lieber (Foreven B) subsector had an 1116 population of 3.4 billion. The highest tech level is 13 at Shtiem, Ezh Bova, and Lieber. In 1202 the population was 12.6 billion, again mostly due to the Zhodani Exodus. The highest tech level is E at Shtiem.

Lieber Subsector is defended by the Zhodani 90th Fleet from its headquarters at Lieber (1404). The 90th missed most of the Fifth Frontier War, only being deployed at the last moment to repulse an Imperial thrust towards Cronor, and it suffered heavy losses in doing so. The fleet is more famous for its operations in the Third and Fourth wars, where it carved out a reputation as the "Ballerina 90th" for its ability to dance around Imperial defenses and patrols while on deep commerce raids against Imperial shipping.

Unlike the neighboring 116th, the 90th is fiercely loyal to the Consulate and the surviving naval command structure. Indeed its rank-and-file personnel strongly resent the situation in Shivva, and the fleet has begun to deploy to positions that will deter any attempt at expansion or secession by the 116th or its backers.

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