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Cost Cr1
Size 1.0 liter
Type Food and Drink
Tech Level TL–5
Weight 1.0 kg

Levies (short for "leviathans") are immense creatures, massing up to 100 tons, which live deep in the ocean depths of Skye (Reaver's Deep 2018). Leviemeat is a popular foodstuff, harvested from great these great creatures.

The Levies are hunted from small, six-man submarines, killed, and brought to the surface by the attachment of large airbags secured by divers. It is dangerous work, both for the sub. for a flick of a levie's tail has been known to wipe out a sub and its crew, and for the divers, who must go outside the sub and risk encounters with several large scavengers which often contest a levie kill.

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