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Rancke Note (May 2009)[edit]

Leviathan was one of the early adventures published for Traveller.

  • It was a rousing tale of merchants venturing into unknown territory in search of new markets, and it made for an excellent campaign.

Unfortunately it was published before the setting that was to become the Official Traveller Universe had really firmed up, and as more and more material followed, discrepancies became apparent.

  1. It turned out that the completely unknown territory was lying right next to an area that had been settled for over eight centuries, and that Imperial scouts had been nosing around right next to it several centuries before that.
  2. There was no explicit evidence, but it looked like the "unexplored" Outrim Void must have been explored at least as far back as the First Survey.
  3. It seems to me that the basic concept is much more suitable for a time when Glisten Subsector had only been settled for a little while, back before the First Survey was published.
  4. This would, of course, require a retcon of part of the information presented in the book.
- Rancke 13:48, 18 May 2009 (UTC)