Last Armada class Fleet Tender

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Last Armada Fleet Tender
Type: VTB Battle Tender
Origin Last Armada
Tech Level TL–11
Size 99,000 Tons
Jump J-2
Maneuver 1 G
Hardpoints 990
Cargo 299.5 Tons
Crew 465
Passengers 0 High/Med 2,233 Low
Cost MCr 38,511.502
Qty: MCr 30,809.202

Design / Details[edit]

Designed and built for the great exodus with the Last Armada. These ships fled Earth as part of the Expedition, that fled the Destruction of Terra at the hands of the Vilani Imperium in 2147AD, carrying with them the last remnants of Terran culture and independence, and ultimately settled the Distant Fringe. This large displacement fleet tender carries enough internal fuel for a jump 2 followed by another jump 2 and is fitted with jump 2 drop tanks as needed to cross larger rift zones. Auxilliary power plant fuel for an addition 28 days is carried as well. It is almost as much a tanker as a fleet tender. Limited by the constraints of TL–11 it can only carry two 60 ton shuttles, a 38,000 ton heavy cruiser, two 200 ton scouts, and a 1,200 ton escort.


It is an unarmored, dispersed structure hull, and is equipped with on board purification. There are 233 lowberths for a complete frozen watch. These crew are used to break up the duration of the voyage and divide the labor over many. It has 2,000 GenPodsArtificial Gestation Units. It carries a pair of model 5fib computers. They are not armed and is capable of 1G acceleration and has 1 agility rating.

History & Background[edit]

Fleet Tenders were openly constructed at Terran-controlled shipyards, and once in a spaceworthy condition were crewed with specially chosen personnel in preparation for "proofing trials". They were then jumped to the Expedition's private port facilities in the empty systems to rimward of Terra. Once there, their fitting out was completed, their specialist equipment (such as their complement of GenPods) was installed, and they were laid up against the Expedition's future needs.

Ships of this class nearly caused the collapse of the Expedition before it had started. Following the Battle of Agidda in 2125AD, and the "false war" that followed, the Terran navy was desperately short of capital ships - the lack of effective combat elements caused the war to descend into nearly a decade of entrenched skirmishing and long-range raiding. People began to notice that large warships and support vessels, noted as having been constructed and released, had simply vanished. Entire classes of capital vessels, it seemed, had been "lost in jump". Rather more sinisterly, individuals bearing striking resemblances to "missing in jump" crewmembers repeatedly reappeared.

Journalistic and governmental investigations into the missing ships and the conspiracy that they represented came very close to uncovering the covert activities of the Expedition. A huge public scandal would have resulted if it had been revealed that an entire fleet-in-being was being retained for private use, a fleet that could easily have broken open the Vilani border and given the Terrans an overwhelming victory. That sort of scandal brings down governments.

It was only through the judicious intervention of senior officials, the actions of determined individuals, and outright criminal activity that secrecy was maintained and the hoarded vessels of the Expedition avoided sequestration.

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