Laser Flare

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Laser Flare
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Also see Flare Gun
Cost Cr35
Size 15cm
Type Emitter
Tech Level TL–8
Weight 0.16 kg
Manufacturer Various

A Laser Flare is a handheld signalling device intended for emergency use.

  • It is substantially more versatile than a handheld chemical Flare.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

It is a light weight low-powered laser pointer designed for use as hand-held alert signal. The laser is powered by an internal, rechargeable battery, which lasts for 72 hours of continuous use before requiring a recharge. Unlike regular laser pointers, the flare laser uses a lens to spread the beam, making it easier to see the laser at a distance. The beam is visible to naked eye at ranges of up to 50 km under ideal conditions and 8 km in daylight. With the use of laser sensors, the laser flare is visible line of sight up to low orbit.

The device is sealed, making it operational in atmospheres from hard vacuum to 4 atmospheres, including most exotic or corrosive ones or under water. It has an operating temperature range of -250°C to +350°C.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

At TL–10, the laser flare integrates a computer control system to automatically flash the laser, transmitting several standard emergency signals. The flare includes the ability to include short messages digitally encoded in the laser signal.

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