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Akidda Laagiir started at the age of eighteen as a copy boy with the Mora World Review; his friendly face and his ability to get people to trust him contributed to his steady career progress.

Living on Mora/Mora (Spinward Marches 3124), with its charismatic dictator, the Duchess Delphine the Matriarch is sometimes a trying experience for any journalist, which may explain his occasionally iconoclastic actions.

He is slightly prejudiced against “the system”, preferring fresh ideas and fresh ways or doing things. This boldness has also contributed favorably to his career. Like any writer, he is consumed with curiosity, and when the Travellers’ Digest journalism contest was held again in 1098, he was among the first to apply. His piece was entitled “The Imperial Frontier: The Next Millenium”.

In it he discussed the spinward frontier sectors of Corridor, Deneb, Spinward Marches, Trjan Reach, and Reft (spinward) and their role in shaping the growth or the Imperium in the next 1,000 years.

On 258-1099, he received the announcement that he had won the “Travellers’ Digest Touring Award”.

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