L16A4 Gauss Squad Automatic Weapon

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L16A4 Gauss Squad Automatic Weapon
Group: Light Machine Gun, Slug
Tech Level TTL12
Size 90 cm long
Weight 12.26 kg loaded
Cost Cr1,650
Ammo {{{ammo}}}
Manufacturer Stafford Works

The L16A4 Gauss Squad Automatic Weapon is the standard Squad Support Weapon in the Caledonian military. With it high muzzle velocity, low recoil and accuracy, it's highly popular with the troops.


The L16-series GSAW includes a folding stock, bipod, and integrated low-light sight (with optional integrated laser ranging).

Ammunition feed is through a 200 round cassette with integral power supply. A 300 round magazine is also available in limited numbers. The L16 can also use L18 Gauss Rifle 35 round magazines.

One unique feature; the rate of fire is controlled by changing the frequency of discharge for the power capacitors. This means the rate of fire is continuously variable from 15 shots a second down to 1 shot per second (most weapons are dialed in to 8-10 per second)

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