L-18A5 Gauss Rifle

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L-18A5 Gauss Rifle
Group: Group: Rifle, Slug
Tech Level TL-12
Size 65.5 cm long
Weight 4.2 kg loaded
Cost Cr1,550.86
Ammo 4.5mm Darts (35 round magazines)
Manufacturer Stafford Works

The Stafford L-18A5 Gauss Rifle uses a lighter caliber with higher muzzle velocity than the contemporary and comparable G1, in Imperial service. This enables the piece to be shorter, lighter and handier in enclosed spaces, while maintaining excellent hitting power. It's the standard infantry weapon of all TL12 troops in the Caledonian military.


The L-18 series improves on the prior L-15 series designs by adding an onboard inertia computer integrated to the on-board sighting system, using hard-etched "wiring" for all electronics (making the electronics completely weather, water and mud-proof), encased in a molecularly-aligned aluminum receiver housing that doubles as both the weapon's main frame and data bus.


The piece comes with a folding stock and holographic low-light sights. It can fire in single-shot, three-shot and full-auto modes (although Caledonian troops are painstakingly trained not to fire full-automatic under any but the most dire circumstances).


The L-21A2 is a "Marksman" variant. With a longer barrel, higher muzzle velocity, BK-202 LDR-based telescopic sight and customizable (non-folding) stock and bipod, it's designed for long-range precision shooting. Fires single shots only.

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