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The Kuriishe Eraki (KE) was an interstellar state that dominated parts of the Kuriishe and Gadde subsectors during the Long Night.

Description and specifications[edit]

The KE was a pro-science movement that pulled tech levels back up to pre-Long Night levels and was a huge proponent of interstellar colonization. The colonies of the Erakian movement later formed into this interstellar state.

History and background[edit]

Eraki (Dagudashaag 2920) flourished under the Ziru Sirka, becoming the regional capital and a major trade hub. Its power dwindled during the Rule of Man but the world retained most of its Vilani traditions, in part contributing to its survival during the Twilight period. It survived, although lost much of its technology. The world's society gradually changed as the Long Night deepened, eventually giving rise to a pro-science movement that pulled tech levels back up to pre-Long Night levels. Unfortunately Jump technology continued to elude them. By around -720 Eraki had been contacted by the Ushran Empire and succeeded in persuading them to supply Eraki with starships and crews to enable them to contact other systems locally in return for supplying the Empire with high technology.

Slowly, using Ushran ships, Eraki began to explore and colonise nearby systems and by -600 the small sphere of inhabited systems joined together to form a loose federation, the Kuriishe Eraki. At the height of its power, the state included the Amgagiga, Baladine, Inshaam, Khashpel, Khuulush, Mimsur, Sivvista, Urkesh, and Shenpe (now Depot) systems.

Ushra successfully kept the secret of Jump Technology from the Eraki right up to the year 3 when traders from the Third Imperium contacted the state.

Territorial Holdings[edit]

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