Kitbag 4 (book)

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Kitbag 4
Hand Weapons
Publisher Avalon Game Company
Version Generic
Author Martin Dougherty
Format PDF
Canonical no
Year Published 2013
Available from RpgNow

The Kitbag series from Avenger Enterprises covers the must-have guns, gadgets and gear that a self-respecting adventurer shouldn’t be seen without. Each issue focuses on a theme – a weapon type, an environment or a field application. Whether it’s cold weather mountaineering equipment you need or a mid-tech infantry weapon… it’s in the kitbag.

Kitbag 4 focuses on hand weapons; A hand weapon is defined, for our purposes, as a weapon that is held in the hand or hands (or paw/paws, gripper/grippers etc) and is used at close range. This includes conventional swords, axes, maces, daggers spears and the like as well as more advanced weapons such as shock batons and a range of fairly exotic systems.

Inside you will find a collection of hand weapons useable in your Traveller game, so have fun and get the fight going.