Kitbag 1 (book)

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Kitbag 1
Universal Weapon Systems
Publisher Avalon Game Company
Version Generic
Author Martin Dougherty
Format PDF
Canonical No
Year Published 2012
Pages 18
Available from RPGNow

The Kitbag series from Avenger Enterprises covers the must-have guns, gadgets and gear that a self-respecting adventurer shouldn’t be seen without. Each issue focuses on a theme – a weapon type, an environment or a field application. Whether it’s cold weather mountaineering equipment you need or a mid-tech infantry weapon… it’s in the kitbag.

Kitbag 1 focuses on universal weapon systems and the many approaches taken to creating them. From the ubiquitous ‘staple gun’ any-species sidearm and its rifle-sized variant to advanced modular weapon systems, Kitbag 1 has all your personal combat needs covered… whether you’ve got hands, paws, tentacles, grippers of who-knows-what else. Or maybe you just need a cheap, mass produced weapon to arm your hordes of fanatical followers? Kitbag 1 has those, too.