Kinunir class Vanguard Cruiser

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Kinunir class Vanguard Cruiser
Type: CL Vanguard Cruiser
Origin Third Imperium
Tech Level TL–15
Size 1,200 Tons
Jump J-4
Maneuver 4 G
Hardpoints 12
Cargo 30 Tons
Crew 45 and 35 marines
Officers TBD
Enlisted TBD
Passengers 0 High/Med 0 Low
Cost MCr1,079.99 in quantity
In Service: 15, KIA: 2, MIA: 1, Transferred: 1, Paid Off: 1, Scrapped: 1

The Kinunir class Vanguard Cruiser did not have a huge production run, but has ended up being one of the best known warships within Charted Space regardless.

Description / Specifications[edit]

The Kinunir (BC-9514) was eventually located by an independent corporation in 1110. The corporate team succeeded in disarming the AI computer that had killed the crew and took the ship secretly to the Islands Subsector, using deep-space caches for refueling. Once in the New Home system the corporation found the ship very useful for protecting its assets in the area.

The Kinunir Class was designed by Chief-engineer Paleth Ruck. Ruck partially copied the design from an experimental Zhodani project obtained after a Navy's secret operation in the Zhodani capital.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

Originally conceived as vanguard cruisers, the Imperial succession of 1071 (and the associated policy changes) resulted in their conversion to colonial cruisers (euphemistically called battle cruisers). Of the 24 authorized units, 20 were completed prior to project cancellation. Fifteen remain in Imperial service, two having been lost in action in 1084, one missing (presumed lost), one scrapped,one transferred to the Vegan Autonomous District, and one paid off.

The Kinunir class is named for the first vessel of its type to fly. Although both Shulgi and Zaggisi were laid down before Kinunir, General Products rushed their ships to completion, recording flight three days before their competitors. While most of the vessels remain in service in the Spinward Marches, some few have been lost, disposed of, or otherwise taken from service.

Class Members[edit]

  • Disappeared:
    • Kinunir (BC-9514): Disappeared without a trace while on routine patrol sometime on mid-1088. A subsector-wide search failed to locate the ship, and its fate remains unknown.
  • Lost in Action:
    • Allamu (BC-9516): Caught in the van at the Battle of Two Suns, 1084, it withstood over four hours of steady attack before suffering screen failure and was lost with all hands. On 117-1085, the Emperor personally memorialized the name Allamu, which will henceforth be assigned to dreadnought-class ships and above. To date, no ship bearing the name has been constructed.
    • Ninkur Sagga (BC-9521): Suffered either a spontaneous missile detonation or a freak globe screen failure (accounts differ) while engaged on the port dorsal flank at the Battle of Two Suns, 1084. Lost with all hands.
  • Transferred:
    • Regal Splendor (BC-9518): (ex-Shuruppak)(with ventral turrets reduced from missile rack to dual laser) Presented by Empress lolanthe to the Vegan Autonomous District, 118-1092, as a gesture of solidarity and goodwill. The ship has served primarily in the insurrection suppression role since.
  • Paid Off:
    • Gaesh (BC-9528): barely passed trials in 1087. Never attained greater than jump 3 in actual use. Paid off 090-1098 and converted to the uncrewed orbital Gaesh Prison Hulk 254-1098, currently at Pixie. Drive rooms gutted and converted to detention cells. Ship is currently incapable of jump or maneuver.
  • Scrapped:
    • Adda Dubsar (BC-9532): One of four ill-fated ships of General manufacture, was scrapped on the ways 208-1089 after a Navy decision to discontinue production.

Currently In Service[edit]

  • Queen Seondeok (BC-9520): Heavily damaged in the probing actions leading up to the Battle of Two Suns. Damaged again during Zhodani raid on Inthe (Spinward Marches 2410) in 1108, but was repaired in time to participate in the taking of Esalin/Jewell (Spinward Marches 1004). Took light damage during the skirmishes proceeding the end of the Fifth Frontier War. Credited with the destruction of a stealthed command ship during the final days of the war.
  • Trajan (BC-9522): Damaged during Zhodani raid on Inthe (Spinward Marches 2410) in 1108. Credited with the destruction of four close escorts later in the war.
  • Lucullus (BC-9524): Heavily damaged during Zhodani raid on Inthe (Spinward Marches 2410) in 1108. Did not get back into action before the war's end.
  • Aurelian (BC-9525): Damaged during Zhodani raid on Inthe (Spinward Marches 2410) in 1108. Returned the favor by participating in several raids on Zhodani outposts. Credited with twelve SBD kills and the destruction of a number of small outposts.
  • Mnasippus (BC-9527): Performed rear area security duties and pirate suppression duties during the Fifth Frontier War. Credited with destroying two pirates, and capturing a third.
  • Xanthippus (BC-9530): Credited with damaging Zhodani screening elements during the Zhodani raid on Inthe (Spinward Marches 2410) in 1108. Spent the rest of the war in providing frontier security.
  • Adamdun (BC-9531): Destroyed a heavily damaged Zhodani battlecruiser during the Zhodani retreat of Esalin/Jewell (Spinward Marches 1004) in 1110. Damaged in actions with Zhodani fleet rearguard screen elements.

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