Kefchenzh class Armoured Cruiser

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Kefchenzh Class
Type: CA Armoured Cruiser
Origin Zhodani
Technology level TL–14
Size 52,000 Tons
Jump J-3
Maneuver 5 G
Hardpoints 520
Cargo 82 Tons
Crew 547 with 104 Marines
Passengers 0 High/Med 0 Low
Cost MCr 53,389.24
Qty: 42,711.392


An old, but serviceable cruiser, designed during the Third Frontier War and a mainstay of Consular Fleets for over a century. For the benefit of the Zhodani Navy, this design has been upgraded several times (this data is for 3rd Flight,first launched 3462.2; a 4th Flight will feature improved sensors, computers and screens). Unlike modern cruisers, the ship has a PA main weapon instead of a meson gun. While less effective against heavily armored vessels, the PA is useful against typical opponents, such as the Imperial Ghalak class, which have only moderate armor. Secondary armament follows current Consulate doctrine, with lots of missiles being supported by laser and energy weapon turrets. The ship has powerful screens and defensive weapons, making up in part for the mediocre armor protection. These vessels are combat units and do not, as a rule, carry many troops though they can support ground operations.

CA-P1358H3-A86608-99S09-0  MCr. 53,389.24                  Tonnage: 52,000 
Bearing     6   6 421 N                                    Crew 547
Batteries   8   7 521 Z                                    TL 14
Cargo: 82 tons  Frozen Watch   Fuel: 19,760 tons EP: 4,160 Agility: 4   
Marines: 104   Drop Capsules: 12 (plus 40 Ready)
Craft: 2 x 40T Ship's Boats, 2 x 6T Attack Speeders
Fuel Treatment:   Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification
Backups: 1 x Model/8fib Computer 1 x Factor 6 Nuclear Damper 1 x Factor 6 Meson Screen
Substitutions: Z = 28
Architects Fee: MCr 533.892   Cost in Quantity: MCr 42,711.392

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