Commonality of Kedzudh

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A loose interstellar government in the Vargr Extents.

Astronavigational Codes[edit]

Polity Astronavigational Codes
Polity Survey Code Type Notes
Commonality of Kedzudh Pre-Imperial VC No standard code None
Commonality of Kedzudh 1st Survey (300) Kd 2-ltr code None
Commonality of Kedzudh 2nd Survey (1065) VCKd 4-ltr code None


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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Commonality of Kedzudh was founded in 1044 by a group of worlds tired of the raiding by Kforuzeng. This alliance worked, and between 1078 and 1100 Kforuzeng refrained from raiding the Commonality. This withdrawal of forces allowed the Kforuzeng and Kedzudh to sign a alliance in 1100.

In the aftermath of the Fifth Frontier War, with Kforuzeng loosing control of its splinter groups, Kedzudh nullified the treaty. But the lack of threats to Kedzudh began to splinter the the commonality as well, and several worlds left. The release of the Oekhsos tirades slowed the splintering.

With the start of the Rebellion, Kedzudh reformed their alliance with the rebounding Kforuzeng and invaded the Spinward Marches. Many of the worlds of Kedzudh felt the commonality should have worked harder to free the Vargr dominated worlds from the Imperium. Kedzudh, or some of the agencies in the member worlds, had been planning for for years and attempting to raise anti-Imperial sentiment on these worlds. The chaos in the Domain of Deneb provided a perfect opprortunity. With Kedzudh providing the funding and vargrpower and Kforuzeng providing the the tactial leadership, they captured several Imperial controlled worlds.

After the Domain of Deneb managed to make a treaty with the invading Aslan, the Imperial fleet turned to the Kedzudh/Kforuzeng alliance and drove them from them Spinward Marches and badly damaging the Kedzudh fleet.

The arrival of the Virus changed the outcome of this conflict. Kedzudh was faced with the choice of aligning themselves with the Regency and becoming part of the Quarantine or facing complete destructions from both forces. Choosing the former, Kedzudh forms a coreward border to the Quarantine with the assistance of the RQS.


Significant populations of the following sophont races exist within this polity:

Major Historical Events Timeline: 1116[edit]

These are some of the more important historical events that have affected this polity:

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Government & Politics (Leadership)[edit]

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Interstellar Relations[edit]

The Commonality government has limited powers of taxation; government institutions include a small navy/police force and a university. Individual worlds conduct their own interior and exterior relations.

Technology & Trade (Economy)[edit]

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Interstellar Commerce[edit]

The following businesses operate out of or in this polity:

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Research & Technology[edit]

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Military & Intelligence (Force Projection)[edit]

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Ground Forces[edit]

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Naval Forces[edit]

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Paramilitary Forces[edit]

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Intelligence Agencies[edit]

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Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This polity is primarily located in the following areas:

World Listing: 1116[edit]

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References & Background (Sources)[edit]

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