Kedol Mystery

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Axasorsa (2802 Far Home) is the homeworld of the Jellyfish, an aquatic and generally withdrawn Sophont species that exist at a fairly low tech level. Jellyfish (and many other Axasorsan species) are also found on Kedol (2804 Far Home), a relatively similar planet in a system two parsecs from Axasorsa.

Details / Specifications[edit]

The presence of Jellyfish on Kedol is a mystery; the species have never been starfaring (indeed, few Jellyfish have ever left their home ocean) and it is unclear how they could have got to the world.

History & Background[edit]

Cultural tradition (and archaeological evidence) indicates that Jellyfish of Kedol have been there for tens of millennia. There is no indication as to how or why they first arrived.

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