Kamrathi Legions

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This force is the military arm of the Kamrati League in Foreven Sector.


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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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Strategy & Doctrine (Operations)[edit]

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Tables of Organization & Equipment (Organizational Structure)[edit]

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Kamrathi Legions were composed of: (10,000 troops)[edit]

The Kamrati League used these legions for internal security and offensive operations.

  • 3 Infantry Regiments (2,000men) 100 APCs, 100 air rafts
  • 2 Artillery Regiments (24 SPGs)
  • 1 Recon Company (9 Speeders)
  • 1 AT Company (w/6 TAC Missile Grav Carriers)
  • 1 Pioneer Battalion (Equipped for combat engineering, mine warfare and demolitions)

Legion Infantry Regiment:[edit]

  • 2 Infantry Battalions
  • 1 Scout Company
  • 1 Pioneer Company
  • 1 Regimental Heavy Weapons Company (6 x Mass Driven 8cm Mortars, 6 x 120mm Mortars, 6 x Point Defense Pulse Laser Batteries, 18 ATGM, 4 x 25cm Mass Drivers, 6x 75mm 100 tube remote MRLS

Legion Infantry Battalion:[edit]

  • 3 Infantry Companies
  • 1 Heavy Weapons Company (16 x Gauss HMG, 6 x Mass Driven 8cm Mortars)

Kamrathi Navy[edit]

  • 2 Sloops 200tons, 2 missile batteries
  • 3 Frigates 1,700tons, missiles, lasers, energy weapons, particle accelerator
  • 6 Fleet Torpedo Boats 300ton missile corvettes
  • 1 Bombardment Frigate, 2,000tons, two heavy missile bays
  • 7 System Defense Boats, 300ton missile corvettes, no jump drives installed

Representative Examples & Classes[edit]

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