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Classification Ominvore/Gatherer
Status Ethnic Group
Size 1.7m
Weight 60kg
Homeworld Kamgikiik (Dagudashaag 1824)
Multi-world No
Canon Yes
Extinct Extant
Psi Potential Standard
Reference Signal-GK 02 65.

The Kamgik are a human ethnic group native to Kamgikiik (Dagudashaag 1824).

Description (Specifications)[edit]

No information yet available.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Kamgiks are an extremely conservative and un-aggressive group that seems to revere all life. It comes as a shock to visitors that the Kamgiks are actually cannibalistic. At the funeral services, which can often go on for days, they eat the cooked body of their dead relations even down to grinding down the bones and mixing it with meal so that no part of the body is “rejected”. Even visitors to a feast are expected to partake of some of the less favored parts. Only once a youth has eaten of the “Flesh” may they be named. They take on the name of the person they just consumed. This can cause confusion as the custom makes no distinction based on sex and as a result many female Kamgiks have male names and vice-versa.

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