Kalaron class Escort

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Kalaron class Escort
Type: ELM Light Escort
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Cargo 1 Tons
Cost MCr 497.00948 (fully equipped)
Crew 25
Hardpoints 4
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Jump J-2
Maneuver 2 G
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Origin Union of Garth
Passengers 0 High/Med 0 Low
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Size 400 Tons
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Tech Level TL–11
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Union (of) Garth Space Navy Design Plan

This vessel is constructed from a standard design plan which uses a time-tested design features. Assembled from largely pre-fabricated kits, commercial shipyards can quickly build these ships. A naval architectural firm produces these plans in four weeks for 1% of the final ship cost. Because these hulls are so standardized and have been in use for so long, a 10% discount is available.

These hulls are familiar and easy to build. With a small down payment these vessels are made available with government backed financing.


This standard hull costs 16 MCr. and 4 MCr. to streamline it.

Engineering Section[edit]

Drives are installed in the 50 ton engineering section.

It mounts stock D class jump drives, with E class maneuver and E power plant. In this size hull that produces jump 2, 2G acceleration and 2 power rating. These cost 100 MCr. installed.

Main Compartment[edit]

The escort has an 350 ton main compartment.

  • Bridge: 20 ton standard controls and sensors for 2 MCr.
  • Computer: model 5 12/25 which is 5 tons and costs 45 MCr.
  • Software/Size /Cost (MCr.)
Jump 1 /1 /0.1
Jump 2 /2 /0.3
Navigation /1 /0.4
Generate /2 /0.8
Anti-Hijack /1 /0.1
Library /1 /0.3
Target /1 /1
Launch /1 /2
Maneuver Evade 5 /2 /5
Return Fire /1 /0.5
Anti-Missile /2 /1
ECM /3 /4
Predict 5 /2 /10
Gunner Interact /1 /1
Select 3 /1 /1
Multi-Target 4 /4 /3
Double Fire /4 /4
Which adds 29.6 MCr. beyond the basic software budget, included with purchase
  • Staterooms: There are 25 state rooms at 100 tons, which costs 12.5 MCr.
  • Fuel There is 100 tons of fuel carried, enough for one jump 2 and four weeks of maneuver and normal operations.
  • Armaments: There are four hardpoints with four tons of fire control and four triple turrets installed. One turret of triple beam lasers, two triple missile turrets and a triple sand caster turret are mounted. The weapons installed cost 12.65 MCr.
  • Ammo: included in the purchase price are 18 standard HE homing missiles and 9 canisters of sand. These cost 0.09 MCr. and 0.0036 MCr. respectively.
  • Ship's Vehicles: There is a squadron of eight 10 ton Kalaron Missile Fighters are carried in the main hanger. These fighters have 6G acceleration and each carry a model 1 2/4 computer with target, launch and maneuver/evade 5 software. They each mount three missile launchers and carries 9 standard HE homing missiles (A full reload cost 0.045 MCr.). The squadron of fighters, equipped this way, costs 227.16 MCr. and is included in this design's purchase price. A 40 ton Kalaron Pinnace is also carried in the main hanger. The pinnace has 5 G acceleration and carries a model 2 3/6 computer with target, launch, predict 1, maneuver, gunner interact and maneuver/evade 5 software. It mounts two beam lasers and a missile launcher and carries 3 standard HE homing missiles (A full reload cost 0.015 MCr.). The pinnace, equipped this way, costs 43.015 MCr. and is included in this design's purchase price. The pinnace has two crew: a pilot and a gunner. It can carry 1.4 tons of cargo. It also carries a scout section of five 2 ton 4x4 Wheeled Solar-Electric Scout Cars for 0.02 MCr. Each car requires a scout/driver and can carry up to 5 passengers. They drop with a six ton advanced base (0.05 MCr.), which provides shelter and life support for up to six people. When necessary the fighters, pinnace and scout vehicles can be dismounted and cargo loaded into the hanger instead.
  • Ship's Locker: 1 ton for protective clothing, vacc suits, weapons and survival aids.
  • Crew: 9 required to operate, up to 25 can be carried with no strain on life support.
Captain/Owner-Pilot: the designated unit commander
(4) Turret Gunners:
(2) Engineers:
(8) Fighter Pilots:
Pinnace Pilot:
Pinnace Gunner:
(6) Protected Forces Wheeled Scouts:


  • Architects Fee: 4.920886 MCr.
  • These vessels can be built and delivered in 14 months.

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