Junction class System Defense Boat

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Junction class System Defense Boat
Type: BR Battle Rider
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Cargo 19.5 Tons
Cost MCr1,611.2
Qty: MCr 1,288.96
Crew 25 with a low watch
Hardpoints 10
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Jump J-0
Maneuver 6 G
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Origin Daprolix Juncture of Suns
Passengers 0 High/Med 13 Low
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Size 1,000 Tons
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Tech Level TL–11
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Description / Specifications[edit]

Native built for the Daprolix Juncture of Suns, this class of System Defense Boat is also used as a Battle Rider on the Daprolix Class Battle Tenders. This is a heavily armored, streamlined needle/wedge hull to allow for ocean refueling. It mounts fuel scoops but lacks a fuel refinery.

Hull / Engineering[edit]

Engines deliver 6 G's of acceleration and 6 agility.

Main Section[edit]

It carries a frozen watch to replace crew lost in battle. The ship carries a pair of model 5 fib computers, with auxiliary controls which can function as a battle bridge in the event of damage. The control and intelligent battle management systems are designed to fail over to the mirrored computer cluster when damaged.


She is armed with four triple missile turrets, two triple beam laser turrets, and four dual plasma gun turrets.


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Background / History[edit]

They are charged with the defense of the member planets and operate from a native Naval Base on Nostrand (Malorn 2926 B613644-B).

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