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The viscout of Isidro (world) has a Huscarles unit of grav mobile infantry for security. They are equipped with TL–9 vehicles.

Isidore Grav APC (TECH LEVEL 9)[edit]

The vehicle has a crew of three (driver, gunner and commander) and can carry 8 passengers. It mounts a 4cm RAM auto grenade launcher, a laser rifle and 20 tac missiles in an unstabilized rotating turret on the chassis deck.

Vehicle Dimensions: height: 2m (+1 m turret) width: 5 m length: 12.5 m3
Total usable volume: 70 m3
Total mass loaded: 239.27 metric tons
Production Cost: Cr.3,198,971.12
Movement: Maximum, 780kph/650cm; Cruise, 585kph/487.5 cm; NOE, 130kph/108cm.
Movement effect on fire: move<1/2 -4 FFP and no fire EFP, move>1/2, no fire.
Armor: Turret front, 50; Turret sides and rear, 40; Chassis front, 49; Chassis sides, and rear, 40; belly and deck 35.
Target Size DMs: +4 low, +1 high
Equipment: Sealed environment with extended life support for 11 for CBR/NBC threats, Laser sensor to detect enemy target designators (7+) linked to an anti-laser smoke discharger launcher with a 100 can supply of aerosols, Image enhancement and thermal image for vision blocks and night operations, mapbox with GPS, a 5000km range radio, basic ECM, 10 power target acquisition LADAR, 10km range MASER, Avionics.
Power: 40 megawatt fusion power plant consumes 60 liters of fuel/ hour; fuel capacity 317.5 liters, enough for 5.29 hours. Grav generators produce 1.67 G's
Weapons: The 4cm RAM automatic grenade launcher has +2 signature, storage for 1600 HEAP grenades, enough for 20 fire phases and the following direct fire characteristics:
Effective Long Extreme
25+4(28) 50+3(28) 100+2(28)

The UV9 Pulsar Laser Rifle has a 100 shot battery and the following direct fire characteristics:

Effective Long Extreme
18(9) 36(4) 180(1)

Twenty 50kg capacity launch rails are attached to the sides of the turret. Missiles available use a HEAP 52 warhead and a variety of guidance packages.

Guidance: Range: Cost:
Homing 35km or 25km and +10DM 379
Target Designated 35km or 25km and +10DM 479
IR Follow-up +8 Pen. 35km or 25km and +10DM 879

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