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Ishimkarun (Anglic: Ishimkarun)

"Shadow Emperor" of the Ziru Sirka ("Empire of Stars"). He manages the Shangarim (Anglic: Shangarim) (castes), Gisadia Ziru Sirka (Imperial Army), and Aasha Ziru Sirka (Imperial Navy), and deals with all incidents in the Imperium through the Igsiirdi ("Central Ruling Council"). In the Ziru Sirka, he is the sole source of law.

The Ishimkarun can only interact with the Igsiirdi (Anglic: Igsiirdi) 15 chosen members: 1 represents the Imperial Army, 1 represents the Imperial Navy, 3 each are appointed by the three Shangarim (Anglic: Shangarim), and 4 members are chosen directly by Ishimkarun. The five factions (Army, Navy, and the 3 Shangarim) in turn must only interact through Ishimkarun and may not deal directly with each other. New or replacement members of the Igsiirdi (Anglic: Igsiirdi) are elected by their faction, but a replacement Ishimkarun is elected by the Igsirrdi from amongst their numbers after the old Ishimkarun dies.


The Ishimkarun is one of the factors that impedes change in the reactionary Vilani Imperium, leading to their eventual defeat by the Solomani.

Era: Rebellion[edit]

The upheaval of the Civil War encourages local Imperial governments to look out for themselves. In 1118, a faction of Vilani centered around Vland sector declare the formation of the "new" Vilani Empire. They resurrect use of the "Shadow Empire", believing that returning to traditional government will bring needed stability.

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