Ishag Revolt

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(1057-1067): Ishag Revolt

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Certain radical elements on Ishag (Zarushagar 1323), the Darmine homeworld, turned to violence to force the issue.

  • Terrorist groups struck at Imperial personnel and facilities.
  • They also tried to rally other Darmine to their cause, but their violent actions only served to alienate them.
  • The Revolt lasted a total of three months.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

At the time of the Revolt, Ishag's civil service was in disarray and the planetary economy was on the verge of depression.

  • The Imperium interceded to prevent the total collapse of both.
  • Baron Dini Ianda, a native of Ishag and the cultural liaison to the Imperium, was placed in charge of the provisional government.
  • It took ten years, until 1067, to get Ishag back on its feet again.
  • The Revolt and the years following are seen by Darmine historians as one of the worst periods in that culture's history.

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