Introspective Period

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A period of Sath history during which they concentrated their collective efforts on internal development.

Description / Specifications[edit]

2468AD to approximately 3400AD.

The Sath deliberately removed themselves from interstellar affairs following the humiliating Jacent Incident and, later, the Battle of Jacent. Both incidents caused the loss of a significant percentage of their starfaring spacecraft.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

Following the Jacent Incident the Sath Factions began to squabble and quarrel about their best course of action. Some reactionary elements wanted to launch a revenge attack on the human settlement at Jacent – a suicidal policy bitterly opposed by the majority of the Sath leadership. Instead, they chose to close their borders, improve their infrastructure and defenses, and build up their starfaring capability.

Despite the objections of many in the Sath leadership, those elements that sought expansion into the heart of Far Home Sector eventually persuaded the Issh't'ka of the Sath to grant them the right to send out a force to explore the extent of human development. It had been some two centuries since any official contact with the species.

This force, constructed around small though sturdy ultra-long-range armored vessels and crewed by the best that the Sath could produce, represented the cream of Sath training and TL9 technology. The vessels had been designed to be able to easily engage and defeat, if necessary, the human forces that the Sath had previously encountered during the Jacent Incident

In 2657AD the reconnisance force crossed the empty hex at (2332 Far Home) and from there it jumped into the Jacent system.

  • The Sath "Introspective Period" coincided with the restrictions placed on human expansion by the Second Confederation. In accordance with the "Redoubt" policies of that state, the human settlement on Jacent had been forcibly removed in 2646AD, with its population relocated to coreward. The Confederation maintained a naval presence in the system, however, using the privately built orbital port facilities as a convenient base of operations. Their stated mission was to detain those travelling to rimward, seeking to flee the strict borders imposed by the Confederation.

The Sath reconnaissance was met by the Confederation task force present in the Jacent system. In the engagement that followed the large TL11 human warships comprehensively destroyed the Sath reconnaissance force. The Battle of Jacent, as it became known, caused the collapse of the Sath leadership, the utter discredit of the expansionist elements, and the instatement of a new Issh't'ka. It helped foster a sense of racial inadequacy among the Sath, it engendered a strong dislike for humans, and massively reinforced the policy of isolation, ensuring that it lasted for centuries.

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