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Founded in 832 during the enlightened reign of Empress Paula II by Sir Robert Leslie Ian Alexander March, it is known throughout the Imperium as "The IDES of March". IDES was conceived as a private organization operating strictly on a contractual basis in those areas where the only laws are local (planetary) mores, taboos and laws--i.e., beyond the effective range of the Imperium. Functioning as a performance or results oriented contractual organization, IDES operates independently of but in conjunction with the Imperium or with bona fide government factions: planetary, subsector and sector. The major advantages of IDES are readily apparent: the standardization of policies and procedures; the development and use of the most recent technology; a centralized office or ioffices for the filing, indexing and cross-reference of data; unified control; and a pride in profession which serves to eliminate once and for all the alleged "police mentality". IDES is financed solely through its Imperial contracts and through service contracts with other law enforcement agencies and companies throughout Charted Space.

Operating in Beyond, IDES is forced to engage the services of skilled operatives, known as "Marchers". IDES Central keeps the identities and the number of its operatives shrouded in secrecy. It is rumored that several are, in fact, actively serving the Imperium and the Alliance in the various service arms.

IDES facilities may be found on worlds with a law level of 8+ and a technological level of A+.

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